祇園山城邸が 口コミアワードで9,4の高評価を獲得しました!

2018 year's Booking Review Awards


今回、祇園山城邸がBooking 口コミアワードで高評価頂くことが出来ました。


Breaking news is here!!
One of our guesthouse, Gion Yamashiro received Booking Review Awards with high reputation!!

We really appreciate our guests who choose the guesthouse and love it!!

The Gion Yamashiro is near by Kiyomizu-temple, Yasaka-Shrine or Gion area as you can visit by walking around 10 to 15 minutes. There are so many bus stops and kiyomizu gojo station , so it is really convenient to get to other sightseeing spots as well!!
In the house there are Japanese Kotatsu(Kotastu is a table with an electric heater attached to the underside of the table ) , It is very warm and comfortable , end of the day, sitting in the kotastu makes you relax .
Also, there is japanese traditional public bus (sento) nearby this house , I can recommend you to stay at the Gion Yamashiro,Please experience and feel Japanese local life .

When you visit Kyoto, We, Kyoto Tachibanaya are looking forward to making precious memories with you!

大家好! 我们这次获得了Booking Review Awards 很好的评价。非常感谢大家的支持,让我们有荣幸获得这样的认可。