清水五条駅から徒歩5分!京都橘屋 五条鴨川邸 OPEN

五条鴨川付近、東山区大阪町に新施設 「京都橘屋 五条鴨川邸」 が6月にオープンします!

 京阪 清水五条駅から徒歩 約5分!!

 ・京都国立博物館 徒歩約11分
 ・蓮華王院 三十三間堂 徒歩約11分
 ・金光寺 徒歩約10分

 その他、各 観光地への道中にもさまざまなスポットがあります!

 五条鴨川邸は、京都の伝統工芸である、【京からかみ】を使用、施設には 【五右衛門風呂】があります!


  ガラス、窯陶芸、手作り さまざまな体験教室、徒歩圏内にあります!

will open near Kiyomizu Gojo Station and Kamogawa River in June!

☆Near the Station,good location!!☆
 This guesthouse is about 5minute-walk from Kiyomizu Gojo Station of  Keihan  Line.
 It’s very easy to get to famous big areas like Sanjo, Shijo, Kawaramachi and so on.

☆ Near famous sightseeing spots ☆
 ・ Kyoto National Museum

 and so on. There are many famous spots on your way to your destination.

☆ Feel a historical atmosphere of Kyoto ☆
 ・This guesthouse is near Kamogawa River, so you can enjoy walking along the river with  the beautiful sight.
 ・We introduce Kyokarakami to our Fusuma, sliding door (used to partition off  rooms in a Japanese house).

☆ Around this guesthouse ☆
 ・ Rent Kimono, Japanese traditional clothes,and walk around
 Kyoto!! There are some rental shops near this guesthouse.
 ・Make traditional stuffs by your own hands. There are some shops offering this kind of experience, and you can get to these shops by walk.

 We’re looking forward to seeing you at Kyoto!!:)