夏の和菓子-わらび餅 (蕨餅)


The WARABIMOCHI is a kind of dessert which make of starch, water, and sugar. Since the main raw material is starch taken from the root of the plant(warabi), it is called a warabimochi. Nara is a famous place for warabi starch, so you can see many famous shop of warabimochi in Nara and Kyoto. The shape of the warabimochi varies according to each store. Basically, the warabimochi is covered with soy flour and topped with black molasses. “Fengqitang” is a famous shop selling some Japan’s desset including warabimochi in Kyoto. Their warabimochi is very good! When you put it into your mouth, it’s very soft and instantly melting like eating marshmallows! It’s a great enjoyment to have warabimochi in the hot summer!