Gion Matsuri


Hello, it hasn’t enterted the rainy season yet in West Japan, but Gion Matsuri finally is coming soon in Kyoto! Gion Matsuri has a history of over a thousand years, and it’s one of the three most celebrated festival in Japan. This festival is held for whole month of July, but the most people come during three days of 14th, 15th, and 16th which are called “Yoiyama” because you can see Japanese traditional lamps are lit all at once, and you can hear Japanese traditional musical instruments called ”Gion Bayashi” make a unique sound.
Especially, on 15th and 16th, Shijo-dori Street from Yasaka temple to Horikawa and Karasuma-dori Street from Takatsuji to Oike get turned into a pedestrian crossing aliened with a variety of food stands from noon. Therefore, these two days you can enjoy Gion Matsuri the most.
This Gion matsuri is mainly held around Shijo Karasuma where you can go on foot from one of our guesthouse, Manjuji-tei, so please don’t miss this chance to come and stay at Manjuji-tei while Gion Matsuri is holding!