祇園祭 大盛り上がり中!

Gion Matsuri is now getting hot!


Hello, it’s 3 days holiday now in Japan which Gion Matsuri in Kyoto gets the hottest!
Processions of Yamahoko is one of the most famous in this festival.
Yamahoko is decorated floats which every town in Kyoto builds their own. They are decked with local arts and crafts that’s why some call them walking museums.
Today we introduce “Taishi-Yama” which is one of the Yamahoko.
Shotoku Taishi who’s the crown prince in ancient Japan is deified in this “Taishi-Yama”.
It’s made according to the legend which is when he built Shitenno-ji temple which is the oldest Japanese building, he walked into the forest by himself to find good material for that.
Using ceder tree not pine tree like the others is the greatest feature of Yamahoko.
So many food stands come out and the street becomes for only pedestrians today and tomorrow (15th and 16th July), so don’t miss the hottest Gion Matsuri!