Notifications from Kyoto tachibanaya





Hello, it’s Kyoto tachibanaya.
Thankfully, the reservation has been increasing recently.
We really appreciate your great understanding and cooperation that we have been able to welcome you since we are open.
There are some notifications from us today.

*Staffs don’t stay at our house, so we arrange their schedule around the time you arrive house. Check-in time is between 3 p.m and 8 p.m. so please decide and tell us your check-in time by 3 days before you stay at the latest.
*Accommodation tax is a law established by Kyoto City. It costs 200 yen to 500 yen per person per night, so please pay by cash when you check in aside from your hotel fee.

Also the guests who don’t have your address in Japan…
*Please bring the copy of your passport with you. If you don’t, we take pictures of your passport when you check in.

After checking in…
*No smoking allowed in the house and around the house too. If you are a smoker, we tell you a convenience store near by, so please smoke there.
*Check-out time is by 10 a.m. After 10 a.m. the cleaning company will come to clean so please leave the house by 10 a.m.

Those are some notifications from Kyoto Tachibanaya.
We are really looking forward to your reservation!