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  • Welcome to Kyoto Tachibanaya

    Machiya:the town house built by traditional method, always has been together with the history of Kyoto and people who lives in Kyoto. For both residents and visitors, the scenery of Machiya might be great heritage which makes them feel like they are in Kyoto. You can find Japanese traditional spirits in the buildings and the residents’ life with these historical houses.

    Kyoto Tachibanaya, we keep Machiya tradition in one hand and modern comfortable living in the other. We provide not only a relaxing contemporary living but also a place to experience Japanese heritages.

    After enjoying sightseeing, go “home” to Kyoto Tachibanaya, have dinner with your companion, take a bath and have a sweet dream. Just do like that, and you are back to good old happy Japanese life.
    Come to Kyoto Tachibanaya!
    You would experience the tranquility among temple bell sound and residence voices, fun to find hidden staircase and so on.