Horigotatsu heating table

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Horigotatsu is a heating table with a hole in the floor. You do not need to fold your feet when you have a seat. Even it is chilly outside, with Horigotatsu table nearby, you can enjoy seeing the iconic Japanese landscape through Yukimi Shoji window.

  • Cypress bathroom


    Wall of the bathroom is made of pure Japanse Cypress. Its aroma will give you an unforgettable Japanese bath experience. You can see the landscape from bathtub as well.

  • Takayama Wood Works & Kashiwa Mokko


    Furniture here is the same brand as prestigious hotels.
    Indulge yourself to the wonderfully handmade chair by local Takayama Wood Works and Kashiwa Mokko staffs.

  • Kyo Karakami


    Karakami is the traditional paper making process from Chinese Tang Dynasty, 800 AD. In Kyoto Tachibanaya, enjoy the paper from local manufacture Maruni Co., Ltd, which have used the same patterns since 1830.

  • Airweave mattress


    The mattress uses advanced engineered coil systems to promote proper alignment while delivering a perfect sleep feeling. It provides stable, all-over support you want, with reinforced support. Thanks to breathable material, you do feel comfortable all year around and energized in the morning.

Radiation hormesis stucco walls

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  • Bed room plaster wall contains radiation hormesis,
    it has the wonderful effect of:

    • Increase body enzymes to inhibit aging
    • Activate gene repair mechanism
    • Activate 160 kinds of hormones to inhibit cancer tumor
    • Reduce the occurrence of diabetes and lifestyle-related diseases

Tamagawa Hot Springs at Akita Prefecture have been famous for its effects of healing for long time. Misasa Hot Springs at Tottori Prefecture keep the residents cancer death rate below half of the national average.
Low dose of radioactive Radon is thought as beneficial to humans. Using radiation hormesis stucco walls give you the same benefits as bathing in hot springs stated above.

Option menu


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    ●Required time/30min~(when you check-in)

    Would you like to make small souvenir by yourself?
    Try to use Origami to make cranes, helmets, boxes, and more.

Catering service

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    • ●Time: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
    • ●Price: 3,000 JPY at one feed
    • ●No delivery fee, vegetarian food as well
    • ●No minimum orders
    • ●Order deadline: 12:00 PM prior day
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Choose vegetarian or fish dish for Shoujin.Dinner menu is also available.Contact Kyoto Tachibanaya for detail.